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NO.1 Senior management commitment and support for information security will BEST be attained
by an information security manager by emphasizing:
A. organizational risk.
B. security needs.
C. organization wide metrics.
D. the responsibilities of organizational units.
Answer: A
Information security exists to help the organization meet its objectives. The information security
manager should identify information security needs based on organizational needs. Organizational
or business risk should always take precedence. Involving each organizational unit in information
security and establishing metrics to measure success will be viewed favorably by senior
management after the overall organizational risk is identified.

NO.2 Retention of business records should PRIMARILY be based on:
A. business strategy and direction.
B. storage capacity and longevity.
C. regulatory and legal requirements.
D. business ease and value analysis.
Answer: C

CISM 無料   
Retention of business records is generally driven by legal and regulatory requirements. Business
strategy and direction would not normally apply nor would they override legal and regulatory
requirements. Storage capacity and longevity are important but secondary issues. Business case and
value analysis would be secondary to complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

NO.3 Which of the following is characteristic of centralized information security management?
A. More expensive to administer
B. Better adherence to policies
C. More aligned with business unit needs
D. Faster turnaround of requests
Answer: B

CISM 信頼度   
Centralization of information security management results in greater uniformity and better
adherence to security policies. It is generally less expensive to administer due to the economics of
scale. However, turnaround can be slower due to the lack of alignment with business units.

NO.4 Successful implementation of information security governance will FIRST require:
A. a computer incident management team.
B. security awareness training.
C. a security architecture.
D. updated security policies.
Answer: D

CISM モード   
Updated security policies are required to align management objectives with security procedures;
management objectives translate into policy, policy translates into procedures. Security procedures
will necessitate specialized teams such as the computer incident response and management group
as well as specialized tools such as the security mechanisms that comprise the security architecture.
Security awareness will promote the policies, procedures and appropriate use of the security

最近のわずかの数年間で、ISACAのCISM 技術試験は日常生活でますます大きな影響をもたらすようになりました。将来の重要な問題はどうやって一回で効果的にISACAのCISM 技術試験に合格するかのことになります。この質問を解決したいのなら、JPshikenのISACAのCISM 技術試験を利用すればいいです。この資料を手に入れたら、一回で試験に合格することができるようになりますから、あなたはまだ何を持っているのですか。速くJPshikenのISACAのCISM 技術試験を買いに行きましょう。

成功する方法を見つけるだけで、失敗する口実をしない。JPshikenの ISACAのCISM 技術試験は問題と解答を含めて、高度に認証されたIT領域の専門家の経験と創造を含めているものです。うちのISACAのCISM 技術試験は正確性が高くて、カバー率も広いで、君がISACAのCISM 技術試験に合格するのに大変役に立ちます。

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